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CineControl for ARRI is the only full control mobile application available that gives you complete control over the most frequently used camera settings of your Arri camera, and it does so via a very simple and friendly UI. CineControl is compatible with ALEXA Mini and Amira cameras. Full control features are only available on the ALEXA Mini and Amira, while the control options for the other cameras are limited to CAP1.0 features. Check out the full features and compatibility list here:

THE CONTROL MODULE helps you monitor and control your ARRI ALEXA Mini and Amira efficiently even when it is placed on a crane, dolly, gimbal or in various tight spots like the interior of a car for example. Key features:

Add new camera

Edit metadata

FPS Control,

TC Control

Shutter Control

EI Control

Edit Looks

WB Control

THE LOOKS MODULE allows for the entire ARRI LOOK LIBRARY to be browsed. If the connected camera has a valid ARRI LOOK LIBRARY license, those look can be installed directly from the app. If not, you can contact ARRI directly or purchase the ARRI LOOK LIBRARY here:

The Look module also allows for looks to be edited

(using both color wheels and sliders), saved and shared.

THE PLAYBACK MODULE allows for remote playback control without having to touch the camera. Playback also let’s the user view the corresponding take for each clip (provided that the takes module is enabled) and rate it.

THE TAKES MODULE allows script supervisors to edit metadata and easily log takes in manual mode. It also allows taking or adding pictures from the Photos app for fast identification of each take.

The compatibility with ARRI ALEXA Mini and Amira makes life on set much easier. Once connected to the camera the app will instantly log each take as the operator hits record and stop on the camera. Framegrabs can also be enabled from Settings, thus the app will take a framegrab for each take.

The Takes module also lets the user rate each take and input notes/comments related to each take. The takes sync with Cinegizmo allowing the director, DOP, DIT and post crew to view your notes and rating anytime and anywhere.

The free version of CineControl lets you monitor your camera settings only. To have full control over the camera through the app the user is required to have a valid account with Cinegizmo

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